Advanced APIs could help render images from HTML source

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Most software programmers would have started their learning by coding in HTML to which later the CSS coding has been added. Of course, those who do not want to do extensive coding would have created the CSS templates which is often added to the various modules and sub modules or the individual pages that are added to the website that does the job of selling your services or products. How better you want to promote your business would depend on how well you could code the CSS. But it was in the past that the HTML and CSS combination was giving amazing results.

Now technology is changing every day and if you have to cater to the changing needs of the customers with the accessibility to the technology, you should always be involved in the learning process. If you are not comfortable with the learning process that keeps you busy then it is time for you to think of the RESTful screenshot API that has made the coding easy for you. You could just provide the HTML source from which the screen rendering could be done by intelligently pulling the JavaScript and CSS included in the coding supplied by you.

Since the coding now is so simple you should make sure that images are not blur. With the blur images even the API could hardly do anything. So, invest time in capturing clean and clear images than to spend time in learning the coding skills. Once you have a collage of images then rendering them would become easy with the API. You could render as many products as you have in the catalog and also you could render each image in various views as is required by the customers to understand the product and its design and appearance.